Regens Lighter Corporation

New York & Long Island City (NY)

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  • Regens Lighter Corporation operated in the United states from 1934 until 1955 (Le Briquet Automatique)
  • Rudolph Buchmann, Alois Kaufmann, and Franz Balek of Vienna were owners of Regens Lighter Corp. prior to September 14, 1944
  • In 1944, all property within the United States of Buchmann, Kaufmann, and Balek was seized under the U.S. "Trading With The Enemy Act" (Federal Register)
  • A trademark application for 'Regens' was filed in 1948 by Mathew F. Raftree, President of Regens Lighter Corp.
  • The Raftree trademark application was accepted in 1950; it states the Regens trademark was first used in August 1936

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