J.F.Sturdy's Sons Co.

Attleboro Falls, MA (USA)

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Established by company namesake in 1865, John F. Sturdy turned the business over to his three sons upon retirement in 1892. Best known for manufacturing jewelry grade chains and bracelets, The Sturdy Lighter is the only known pyrophoric device the company produced. Patented by George Kollstede in 1928, this windproof design uses a finely crafted semi-automatic firing mechanism that is very simple to operate. It was offered in two sizes with plain, engine-turned and covered finishes. (EB)

U.S. Utility Patent - 1928

George Kollstede, 1928/1930

U.S Design Patent - 1928

George Kollstede, 1928/1931


1925 wholesale advertising

Sturdy Lighters

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