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American Light Co.

New York, NY

A.S.R. Corporation

Brooklyn, NY

Baer & Wilde Co.

Attleboro, MA

Berkeley Industries

Jersey City, NJ

Bowers Lighter Co.

Kalamazoo, MI

Brown & Bigelow

St. Paul, MN


Bridgeport, CT

Clark Lighter Co., Inc.

North Attleboro, MA

Colby Lighter Corp.

Mount Vernon, NY

Consolidated Mfg Co

North Kansas City, MO

Daltis Inc

New York, NY

Demley Inc.

New York, NY

The Douglass Company

Menlo Park, CA

Evans Case Company

North Attleboro, MA

Folmer & Schwing

New York, NY

Franklin Products

Columbus, OH

Globe Products

Chicago, IL

H & H Mfg. Co Inc

Clifton Heights, PA

Handilite Mfg. Co.

St.Louis, MO

The IMCO Mfg Corp

New York, NY

J.M. Fisher Co.

Attleboro, MA

Jaynell Mfg Co

Chicago, UL

Knapp Lighters

New York, NY & Long Island, NY

Marathon Company

Attleboro, MA

Moran, Newman & Co

Los Angeles, CA

Morrison Lighter Corp

New York, NY (USA)

M.S. Rodenburg Co.

Providence, RI

The Napier Co.

Meriden, CT

Negbaur Products

New York, NY

Nimrod Products, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH

Park Sherman Co., Inc

Chicago, IL & Murfreesboro, TN

Abraham Pollak

Far Rockaway, NY

Regens Lighter Corp.

New York, NY & LIC, NY

Rennak Sales Co.

Long Island City, NY

Rex Manufacturing Co.

Providence, RI

Ritepoint Co.

St.Louis, MO

Saake-Schmidt & Co.

Providence, RI

Scripto, Inc

Atlanta, GA

S.E. Guinn Mfg. Co.

Cincinnati, OH & Johnson City, TN

Signal-U Mfg Co

Youngstown, OH (USA)​

Snap-Lite Corp

New York, NY (USA)

S.O. Bigney & Co

Attleboro, MA & Providence, RI

Strikalite Ltd., Inc,

New York, NY & Providence, RI

Thorens, Inc.

New York, NY

Zippo Mfg Co

Bradford, PA

Unidentified Lighters

manufactured in the U.S.