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"I started collecting lighters in the summer of 1972.

At first, I collected everything and anything lighters. Being an obscure collectable, lighters were a bargain. Sadly, and because I didn't know anyone else who collected lighters, too, I was leery about spending big money on many pieces. Imagine passing up a gold Dunhill watch lighter for $125! Well, those lighters and similar sat available for months in those dealer's displays. I wasn't alone in assurance of smart investments.

Ultimately, the old stuff caught my attention and there I found a connection to history and innovation. Both, my favorite aspects of why a lighter means more than a piece of jewelry.

Now, fifty plus years later, I count my blessings as a collector, knowing that my interest continues and camaraderie follows closely. All considerations that are part of my happy place as a lighter collector." (TO)