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Established in 2014, the Lighter Library website is a perpetual work-in-progress. It is a free, growing knowledge-base of researched information collected from original documents, published reference materials, individual collectors' websites and forums, and independent research by Library contributors. The purpose of this website is provide factual info about all types of lighters to help fellow enthusiasts accurately identify, date and learn more about the provenance of their collections.

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All text and images on LighterLibrary.com are copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is made available in our effort to share a better understanding of the mechanical, production, anthropological, and historical elements of pyrophoric lighters. This material is provided, without profit, for research and educational purposes only. All content is protected under Intellectual Property Right law and may not be re-used without written consent of the IPR owner.

Want To Contribute?

For this free resource to evolve into a true encyclopedia of knowledge about vintage lighters, contributions from other knowledgeable collectors with specialized expertise is essential. If you would like share information, write an article, contribute document scans, etc. please get in touch at lighterlibrary@gmail.com

Not For Sale

Please do not ask to buy lighters shown here, nothing is for sale. Libraries are places learn, not to buy, and the same is true for this website. Lighters shown in the Lighter Library are primarily from private collections and are shown/shared for educational purposes only.

Lighter Library Contributors

Eldon Baldwin (EB)

I began collecting lighters in 1990 and am the Library curator. I especially like lift arms and unusual table lighters. Quercia, S.E. Guinn and Knapp are some of my favorite brands.

Andrea Carlevaro (AC)

I’ve been collecting lighters since 2009 concentrating only on petrol lighters produced before 1960. I prefer the semi-automatic models and lighters with strange mechanics. Also, as an Italian, SAFFA is one of my favorite brands.

Urban Cummings (UC)

Urban is the author of "Ronson: The Worlds Greatest Lighter". He began collecting lighters in the mid 1940s as a non-smoker. Though he collected other brands, Urban prefers the feel of a Ronson in his hand.

Dirk Hildebrandt (DH)

I have been collecting lighters since 2006 and especially love semi-automatic Imperator-type lighters. My favorite brands are Hahway, KW and Thorens.

Viktor Ivicz (VI)

A passionate lighter collector, my father shared his hobby and general love for collecting with me. After his passing, it felt natural for me to continue his hobby after inheriting his collection. I love enameled strikers and appreciate the great mechanisms of old petrol lighters.

Guy Nishida (GN)

My lighter collecting journey began in the early 1970’s. I’m a generalist desirous of building a collection reflecting the vast variety as well as the evolution of lighter design. I have a bias towards the earliest fire-making devices but have many collections of sub-categories.  My current focus is Scripto and related ephemera. 

Tom OKey (TO)

I started collecting lighters in the summer of 1972. At first, I collected everything and anything lighters. Ultimately, the old stuff caught my attention and there I found a connection to history and innovation. Both, my favorite aspects of why a lighter means more than a piece of jewelry.

Sébastien Reyes (SR)

My father gave me my first lighters when I was just twelve! Fascinated by these objects, I treasured them. I have been collecting lighters for 30 years now and am particularly interested in their history. I love all lighters up to the 1950s, but my favorite period is from 1850 to 1910.

Boris & Maya Rubin (BMR)

The Rubins began collecting lighters around 1986. Boris was especially interested in the mechanical aspects of lighters and patented his own lighter design. Maya’s passion is for attractive designs. They built a beautiful and fabulously diverse collection together.