VEB Feuerzeugfabrik Elgersburg

Elgersburg, Thuringia (DEU)

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Founded in 1912 by Louis Müller and Martin Grünstein, the Elgerburger Feuerzeugfabik underwent numerous ownership changes during its 80 year history. The Jewish founders were forced out of the company on January 29, 1936 as part of Aryanization taking place throughout Germany during the years preceding World War 2. The names “Müller & Grünstein” were removed and the company was renamed Elgersburger Feuerzeugfabrik GmbH. During the Communist era, the company was expropriated and renamed VEB Feuerzeugfabrik Elgersburg. After the reunification of Germany, ownership of the company was transferred to the previous owners in 1990 before closing in 1992. (EB)